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The Awards Winner Investor AAA INTERGALACTIC Launches A € 9 Billion Fund

During the Covid-19 pandemic, which will go down in the annals of history as an unprecedented period of crisis, AAA INTERGALACTIC companies have made bold moves.

The Awards-winning AAA Intergalactic Investments Group (AAA INTERGALACTIC) is the first financial group dedicated to interplanetary and intergalactic infrastructure.

The Founder, HRH Princess Rachel Belle, said the group’s “primary mission is to promote a fair funding system, thereby enabling futuristic industrialization and a better socio-economic future all.”

AAA INTERGALACTIC has dedicated itself to this task for a brighter future for all and wants to knock out the massive unemployment. The group’s objective is to spread the AAA INTERGALACTIC’ Fair Funding system across the globe in a smart way and offer diversified capitalization customized for local businesses’ financial demands.

The AAA INTERGALACTIC Fund focuses on Real Assets and is structured as follow:

  • 60% in Green Futuristic and Intergalactic Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Logistics, and Smart Cities
  • 16% in healthy and innovative Agri-production,agricultural manufacturing plants
  • 24% in Renewable energy sources, Healthcare and Education

Geographical repartition:

  • 60% in Africa
  • 20% in Europe
  • 7% in America
  • 7% in Asia
  • 6% in other region

The AAA INTERGALACTIC fund’s location is in Luxembourg.It is the largest private fund focused on Africa and the first fund to target futuristic (intergalactic and interplanetary) infrastructure. The CEO added, “after 500 years of suffering, servitude, smart and hard-working people in Africa deserve a fair chance. I trust in the many talents, there is a significant level of work, but we are young, motivated, and must fulfill our mission. Otherwise, many people would suffer in the next 500 years.”


At the age of 9, she attended college and enrolled in Baccalaureate class/ Upper Sixth/ GCE Advanced level when she was 16. She studied law, politics, and economics and graduated from the university in the field of finance. She created an innovative IT system for the largest German bank, and she speaks more than 9 languages.

This Leader is empathetic; HRH Princess Rachel Belle is the legitimate descendant of several kings, and the latest in history are known for their honorable fight for their people’s rights, against slavery and colonialism.

Princess Belle said: “Africa could someday be rebuilt better than China. I am enabling this in my lifetime. The Promised Land is in Africa; it has always been.”

Prince Eric Ebouel, Head of Sustainable Development, commented: “Our companies and projects are focused on a variety of futuristic technologies; it is wise to create and fund training centers for the adaptation and integration of these technologies for sustainable development.

A developing country cannot emerge without companies capable of creating but also of transforming raw materials. Hence the need to have a stable and economical source of energy for the proper functioning of production companies.

Real estate is a primary need, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises that would like to afford premises with quality/ price ratio standards.”


The Founder of AAA INTERGALACTIC envisions a world where high-quality goods such as green satellites and futuristic logistics particles would be produced in African countries. HRH Princess Belle welcomes like-minded philanthropic billionaires.

Nordstrom, who recently joined the AAA INTERGALACTIC’s Fair Funding Movement, commented about the ten billion-dollar fund: “We see high potential in impact investing. Applying the most logical, economical, and practical solutions by involving science, technology, and experience, we can attract well-informed people, innovative companies, and motivated co-investors

The AAA INTERGALACTIC Fund ignites a process to make a decisive move towards a brighter future for the global society.”

The AAA INTERGALACTIC’s board of Directors views the corona pandemic as an opportunity to redefine impact investments. HRH Princess Rachel Belle has declared that “poverty is the only illness that cannot be diagnosed by doctors but that financial institutions can and should treat.”

The corona pandemic and the lockdown have inflicted catastrophic difficulties on many people and enterprises worldwide. Governments are unable to compensate for all the losses; this is why meaningful investments are crucial right now. She believes that the timing is right and added: “With powerful Godly support, we, the AAA INTERGALACTIC companies, are moving mountains to implement our infrastructure and Fair Funding System; we promote human proximity and solidarity. We want to finance small and medium-sized businesses that can create many sustainable jobs where there are no opportunities, and where people have lost their jobs.”

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